Production in San Diego, CA

The production phase of product development is where everything truly comes to fruition and prototyping in San Diego, CA allows you to tangibly assess the product you’ve been so invested in creating. Dynapac Design Group offers clients a full scope of prototype production services to ensure the finished product lives up to their standards and is ready for application testing and, eventually mass production.  In manufacturing your product at a small scale, we’re able to help drive your project towards its final stages of completion. Providing crucial production data and connecting you with industry partners who can help you scale your endeavor. Our production capabilities include: 



We can take a prototype design in San Diego, CA and produce a limited run that provides you with early-stage working models of your design. This allows you to examine its form and function, to determine if adjustments and/or iterations are required to modify the original design.

Production planning:

Our team works to identify production details from start to finish, helping you examine variables like cost, timeline, resources and materials and more. We map the production of your project every step of the way, so you have a clear picture of the process and the ability to plan around it or within it. 




Quality checks:

In order to make sure the final prototype meets specifications and quality benchmarks, we preform rigorous quality checks. This includes measuring tolerances and testing functionality of a product. When we provide you with a final working prototype, you can rest assured it’s a physical representation of exactly what the final product should be. 

Assistance with manufacturing:

Though we do not perform manufacturing at a full scale, we can help connect you with a qualified manufacturer who can work with you to take your prototype into full production territory. Our industry connections enable us to make the right referral, no matter what type of product you have or what production demands may be.

To inquire about our capabilities in the prototype production phase of product development, please contact Dynapac Design Group today at: (619) 572-3468. We’re here to help!

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