From Sketch to production,
We Help Every Step of the Way.

Product Design in San Diego, CA

Since 1967, Dynapac Design Group has provided prototyping and product design services to entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes throughout Southern California. We assist in all phases of a development, from planning and design, to engineering and production. Our goal is to help you bring your ideas to fruition, engineering prototypes that give our clients an edge. Consult with us today!



Product Design and Development

Have an idea for a product, but aren’t sure where to start? The path from concept to reality is a long one and has many barriers and obstacles along the way. At Dynapac Design Group, we aim to be your partner in overcoming them, walking you through every single phase of product design in San Diego, CA. For more than 50 years we’ve been helping businesses and individuals throughout Southern California take their ideas and turn them into reality through proper planning, designing, engineering and production. And, with the capabilities to do all of this in-house, we’re able to be your complete partner for product design from start to finish.






We establish requirements, expectations, and budget. We  determine cost and research to lead us to our next step.





We turn a concept into reality. We offer industrail design, product design, CAD renderings concept models, and graphic design.



Starting with engineering plans to CAD layouts, We bring your product to life. We also do performance testing to ensure quality & efficiency.





Our production capabilities include prototyping,     production planning, quality checks, and assistance with      manufacturing


We’re backed by more than 50 years of product design and prototype development experiance!

Our firm in an all-in-one process provider, offering product development from concept to fruition & every step of the engineering process.

At our firm, clients work directly with the engineers who will be completing their projects, not a sales rep!

We proudly work with any level of business, from startups and entrepreneurs, to large companies and independent manufactures.

Our team includes experienced CAD design professionals, who can thoroughly mock up your project with complete specification and scale.

Make Your Ideas Reality

No matter what stage of the design process you’re at with a prototype product, Dynapac Design Group is prepared to take it the rest of the way to fruition. Consult with us today. 

              San Diego                                             El Cajon                                          Lakeside                                          Jamul                                           La Mesa                                    Santee                                                   Chula Vista                                    Poway                                              Del Mar                                        Encinitas                                  Carlsbad                                               Vista                                                Oceanside                                      San Marcos                                 Escondido                                San Clemente                                      Costa Mesa                                    Ivine                                                Santa Ana                                    Anaheim   


                                                                We’re not just limited to the cities listed above. We can help Nation and Worldwide!  



                                                 We also have received 40 Logo/Branding awards with David E. Carter “The Book of Logos” HBI                                                                                                                                                  Watson-Guptill Publications


                                                                                                We are responsible for over 50 Utility Patents

 Business Hours

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Office Location

            Dynapac Design Group                          3348 Darlene Lane                                  Jamul, CA 91935                                        (619) 572-3468